Only 5 hours from Atlanta, 50 minutes from Jacksonville, FL  and 1 hour from Savannah, Jekyll Island is the perfect location. 
Jekyll Island is located off the Georgia Coast, midway between Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida and is situated between St. Simons Island and Cumberland Island.  The Native Americans shared these Islands and surrounding waters hundreds of years ago. They were here when Oglethorpe arrived to settle Georgia as the 13th colony in 1733.  Thousands of acres of salt marsh flats, miles of rivers, creeks, ocean waters, abundance of shrimp and bait fish make Jekyll and it's Barrier Islands.  Which has some of the most productive fishing anywhere.  


History of Jekyll Island

People began visiting Jekyll Island 4,500 years ago:  When the first French and Spanish explorers arrived on Jekyll Island in the mid-1500s they found it already occupied by Native Americans, first by the Timucua and later by the Guale.  Archaeological evidence suggests that Native Americans first began using Jekyll Island as a seasonal retreat about 2,500 BC. 

Jekyll has a fascinating history dating back to the end of the nineteenth century.  The Island was purchased from John Eugene DuBignon in 1886 for $125,000 by some of the wealthiest men in America as a hunting resort.  His family had owned the Island since 1800.  The Island was prized for its splendid isolation.  The club members commissioned architect Charles A. Alexander to design and build a sixty room Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse was finished November 1, 1887, with the first official season beginning in January, 1888. In 1901, an attached annex was built to handle the expanding needs of members. A syndicate of members, including J.P. Morgan and William Rockefeller, built a six unit apartment building in 1896 they named Sans Souci, the first condominiums!

The owners would usually spend a couple of winter months at Jekyll Island Club arriving by yacht from New York.  The Jekyll Wharf is where they tied their yachts and is still used by boaters and fishermen today.   Between 1886 and 1928, the owners built cottages along the marshy side of the Island where they would be protected from the Ocean.  Many of these beautiful cottages have been restored or are currently a work in progress. The largest cottage is almost 8,000 square feet.  Although Jekyll was a hunting club, it certainly doesn't look like any hunting or fishing club today. The Jekyll Island Club is now a Romantic Victorian Hotel.